felt star fairy peg doll
seasonal table star peg doll felt

Star Fairies


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So much love and care goes into creating our little peg doll star fairies! They are ready  now for small world play or for your seasonal table.

Soft and warm to touch, beautiful to behold - we believe that a toy should be nourishing to a child's senses.

The peg dolls are made of untreated wood. Their clothing and star decoration  is made from hand dyed woolen felt and stitched cotton thread. The star crown has a filling of wool fleece.

Height: approx. 7cm

Width: approx. 6.5cm

Each of our star fairies is a unique piece with slight variations in colour and shape.

Price is for one peg dool.

These star fairy peg dolls are handmade in Australia by our felt artist Yuki Tomishima.

Woolen felt naturally resists dirt and  has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. If your peg doll needs cleaning, use a damp cloth to carefully spot clean.

Ages 3 and up.