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The Enchanted Label was born 2015 in breathtaking Kakadu (NT), and now based in magical South East Queensland.

Our products are inspired by the pure, sunny (and salty) Aussie lifestyle.

All of our small team members are parents themselves. So we know, that this baby-life can rock a woman’s (and man’s) boat. Baby and children's fashion is a light and fun part about parenting. His first little outfit. Teeny tiny rompers. The jumpsuit he stood first up in. Her cute little beach outfit. And because your little one is so amazing, so much love, (and so much work), we believe in a simple and pure style when it comes to designing our outfits.

We use nothing but natural fabrics and materials, this is our thing.  We love cotton, linen, merino wool. We choose certified organic whenever possible. An we opt out of chemical treatments for our garments, such as silicone soft washes.

Our producers follow fair trade and sustainable production principles. “Slow fashion” is not a marketing buzz word for us, it’s our mantra. That’s why we choose to hand dye the certified organic yarn that we use for our baby blankets (instead of using chemical enhancers to speed up the process). See pics below!

We do take the time to talk to all our producers and artisan workers frequently (but of course!). Being involved in every little step of the process helps us to ensure quality, sustainability, and trust in our partners.

Rebekka Atz - Organic Baby KoalaBubs

(Rebekka, founder of The Enchanted Label)


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 organic cotton yarn gots hand dyeing

[Hand Dyeing of our GOTS certified organic cotton yarn]

organic cotton merino baby blanket

 [hand knitting of our organic merino baby blankets]