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Organic baby products have become so popular with many parents selecting organic products over traditionally manufactured ones. But what are the benefits of using certified organic products on your baby’s skin?


Any company can label their products as organic, charging extra and purposely misleading customers into believing they’re purchasing a superior product. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the name of the global governing body that oversees the certification criteria of organic cotton. They ensure that companies claiming to produce organic products actually do, and protect consumers by guaranteeing that the organic nature of the manufacturing process is genuine.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that certified organic products are grown in chemical and pesticide free soil and that the entire manufacturing process takes place in an environment free from harsh and dangerous nasties such as insecticides and fungicides. The concern about chemicals stems from the fact that although cotton uses only 2.4% of the worlds agricultural acreage, its cultivation uses 25% of the worlds pesticides1.

Whilst it’s important to make sure the organic products you buy carry a certification in order to ensure they’re genuine, let’s also take a closer look at the benefits of buying baby products that have organic ingredients.

Why Buy Organic?

Baby products that are produced in an organic way such as cotton and skin care creams, are the safest ones to use on your baby’s skin. Traditional cotton, for example, is manufactured using a host of chemicals such as artificial dyes and bleach, claimed to assist in maintaining the colour and the shape of the clothing. In actual fact these chemicals irritate the skin and can trigger reactions such as eczema, dermatitis and other allergies 2,3. These chemicals aren’t healthy for adult skin let alone the highly sensitive skin of your gorgeous little one and they’re designed to remain woven into the fibres for the lifespan of the product, so they won’t wash out.

Organic cotton is incredibly soft, highly absorbent and breathes well which means your baby is clothed in natural garments that are as healthy as possible for the skin. This also goes for skin care products such as organic nappy rash creams and moisturisers. As parents, we want to be assured that what we’re putting on our baby’s skin is as beneficial as possible, and products made from certified organic ingredients can provide that peace of mind for us.

As well as protecting your baby’s skin from harmful chemicals you’re also leaving a positive footprint on our environment by making socially responsible choices. Organic cotton is grown in a sustainable way and is produced with a method and materials that cause less impact on the environment. This means you’re contributing by preserving the world around us for the future of our children.

There are so many reasons why selecting baby products that have been produced in a natural way and with organic ingredients is important. We also believe you’ll agree with us that one of the primary reasons for selecting certified organic is because only the best will do when it comes to your little one’s health and vitality!



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