What is Fair Trade and why is it important to KoalaBubs?

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At KoalaBubs, we have always believed in ethical trade, care for the environment, and the use of safe, organic materials in the products we offer. We want you and your family to have the best experience possible during pregnancy, birth and while caring for your family. So what is fair trade really? And why should it be a concern for all of us?

The World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) defines fair trade as “a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.”1

But what does this really mean?

There are ten basic principles defined by the WFTO, and businesses that intend to participate in ethical trading practices must adhere to them, on both sides of the economic equation. That means both suppliers and retailers.

These principles include:

Poverty reduction – By creating opportunities for marginalised groups/workers in the developing world and offering a fair price for the goods they produce, fair trade enables communities to move from poverty and insecurity to self-sufficiency. Everyone, irrespective of their home or birthplace, has the right to financial security and independence. We wholeheartedly support a person’s right to earn a fair day’s pay.

Transparency and accountability – Workers and businesses in developing countries are often disadvantaged by lack of access to clear channels of communication. They are easily manipulated by unscrupulous partnerships within the supply chain. Fair trade means open and honest dealings at all stages of the trading process to ensure that everyone is aware of the obligations of all those involved.

Empowerment – Socially responsible businesses like KoalaBubs believe in the empowerment of local communities and marginalised workers. By contracting with them to purchase the products they make and sell, and holding them accountable for their quality, we support them as they continue to grow into strong, self-sufficient societies.

Care for the environment – We have a custodial obligation to the planet we call home. Plundering its resources in order to maximise profits and material gain is reckless and irresponsible. And self-limiting. We need to respect nature and learn to balance our need for resources with responsible and sustainable cultivation practices. Otherwise we are just racing toward extinction on every level.

What is fair trade at KoalaBubs?

To us, fair trade means maintaining integrity in all aspects of our business, from source to sale. We meticulously research our products, and work long and hard to find suppliers who respect the principles and guidelines of fair trade as defined by the WFTO.

We want our business to be based on the ethical treatment of all, including the Earth, and our commitment to fair trade promotes the continued development of disadvantaged communities on their own terms. We want the businesses we deal with to continue to grow and be empowered by our trading partnerships. We want to grow together.

And we want you, our customers, to purchase our products with complete trust in the knowledge that they are safe and reliable. And ethical.

At KoalaBubs we firmly believe that you need to be the change you want to see in the world. We hope that our dedication and commitment to fair trade on both a local and a global level can help to bring about that change for you and your families.

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