Travelling While Pregnant – 6 Practical Tips

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My husband and I recently returned from a months getaway in Europe. We’ve always dreamed of going and we finally bit the bullet and booked our tickets to the UK and beyond. We found out we were pregnant one week later. Never ones to back down from adventure, we decided to go for it anyway. After all, Europe was calling our names and I’ll take a baby moon in Barcelona any day! Needless to say, there were things I was prepared for travelling while pregnant but there was also a few things that took me by surprise.

Here are a few tips to ensure your trip is as enjoyable for baby as it is for you – Travelling while pregnant!

1 Speak Up For Yourself – No one knows what’s going inside of you except you. So if you need to a car break, tell someone. If you need something to eat, stop and eat. If more than one activity feels too difficult on a particular day, just do one in the morning and rest in the afternoon. Don’t put your health and the baby’s health at risk because you feel like you should be able to do things. Manage your own expectations and recognise that a trip up the Eiffel Tower by foot may be out of reach this time round. Don’t be a hero and id there’s an easy option, take it.

2 Let People Help You – Depending how far along you are travelling while pregnant, people will be able to see you’re expecting. So if they offer to help you, let them. People are often happy to carry your bag, open doors and give you priority in lines. There are definitely some perks to being pregnant, so take advantage of them.

3 Pack Fresh Food and Water. If you know you’ll be moving from place to place throughout the day, pack food for yourself where possible. You don’t know what will be suitable and available for you to eat on the go, especially if you’re in a foreign country, so I strongly advise finding a supermarket and packing your own food where possible. It keeps you in control of what you’re eating and is best for the baby’s health.

4 Wear Comfortable Shoes – This may seem like a no-brainer especially if you’re travelling when pregnant. I missed the memo on a particularly cold, rainy day resulting in numb feet while breaking in a new pair of high heeled boots…need I say more?

5 Ensure Baby Is Insured – Regular travel insurance providers will not cover your unborn baby should one or both of you require medical attention or treatment. The good news is that there are companies especially designed to insure pregnant women who travel. Hooray! They are as affordable as regular travel insurance companies and are well worth the investment!

6 Although packing space can be limited while travelling, I picked up a little momento from each of the countries we visited for our baby bunny. After all, she came along for the adventure as well. You may like to do the same.

A Note on Flying While Pregnant:

Remember to check with your Doctor before booking a flight, especially if it’s overseas. Also, different airlines have various policies based on the gestational age of your baby while flying so make sure you’re permitted to fly before booking.

Be sure to check out practical tips on flying while pregnant here.

Travelling while pregnant can be full of adventure, fun and the unexpected so here’s to you, mummy dearest, as you set your sights on the horizon!

For up to date Travel Health Information check the Department of Health’s webpage. For further tips and guidelines on travelling while pregnant, also have a look at

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