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So you’re pregnant. It’s the first trimester or perhaps you a nearing delivery
day and you’re feeling – you guessed it – tired.

You keep adding to your to-do list.


Grow a baby.


Pregnancy and relaxation go hand-in-hand, right?!

You reach for a bottle of wine.

Oh that’s right, you can’t – you’re pregnant.

All is not lost. You resolve to calm your body with some hot yoga.

Sorry, no go.

Okay, okay, you will settle for some cheese, without the wine.

Nope, think again.

If you are tired of hearing, “You can’t, you’re pregnant” this is the article for

Sleep and Pregnancy

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is fatigue. A a 2014 study1 revealed
that three in four women experience sleep problems during pregnancy.

Have you ever wondered why you actually tire more easily during
pregnancy? You are carrying yourself and another human life around (albeit
the size of a prune or a pineapple, whatever month it may be). But you’ll be
pleased to know that there are some good reasons why you may be feeling
like the ‘weight of the world’ is on your hips.

Unfortunately there is no ‘off switch’ when it comes to being able to unwind.
You may be learning that simple tasks such as walking distances, standing
or sitting for long periods and sleeping may no longer be comfortable.

During the first trimester an enormous amount of energy is used to build a
life support for your baby – the placenta. As well as the physical discomforts
of pregnancy, hormonal changes and emotional upheavals can also be

With all that is happening in your body from backaches and leg cramps to
indigestion and the playful, yet not so fun rib-pokes it is little wonder that a
solid snooze is hard to come by.

Sufficient sleep is vital for you and for the development of your baby so it is
important that you develop good sleep habits early on in your pregnancy.

Fighting Fatigue

Thankfully, there is something you can do about it.

The solution to solving your ‘lack of winks’ woes does not come in a bottle.
The natural fatigue-fighting weapon that all pregnant women should know
about is simple.

It will take you just a few minutes each day to prepare and will provide
hours of lustful zen.

The secret to a stress-free start to the day could be as close as your back


You’ve heard of chamomile tea.

Comes in a box.

Mild in flavor.

I know, I thought the same.

That was until I purchased my first chamomile plant and decided to brew my
fix from scratch.

I didn’t know what I was looking for until I found it. Or it found me. There
between the flirtatious fennel and the beaming basil sat calming chamomile.
Don’t worry, this wasn’t a pregnancy-related hallucination. The plants didn’t
actually flirt, beam, or stay calm. But I’m glad our paths crossed that day.

History And Benefits Of Chamomile

Dating back to ancient times in Egypt and Greece chamomile (which is
actually a weed), has been widely recognized for its calming and antiinflammatory

Traditionally chamomile – as it is a solar plant associated with the sun – was
used to attract money and was often used by gamblers as a hand wash.
According to, the medicinal use of chamomile is
widespread. While there is no scientific evidence to validate the benefits, chamomile is believed to treat a variety of
ailments including intestinal and stomach upsets, anxiety, insomnia, mouth
ulcers and skin irritations2.

Predominately used as a tea, chamomile has been known to calm the
nervous system, decrease joint pain and aid with sleeplessness. That’s
enough to make a pregnant person purr.

Preparing For Your Chamomile Date

So you have a big date in. With your new friend, Chamomile.
Here’s how to prepare your tea with step-by-step instructions using fresh or
dried flowers from
Learn here.

Take Care

According to herbal teas such as chamomile can
often provide an additional source of nutrients. Chamomile in particular, may
contribute to improving calcium and magnesium levels. However, due to the
lack of research on most herbs the FDA suggests exercising caution.

As with many herbal remedies, there isn’t a lot of research about their
effectiveness and safety. If you are planning on integrating chamomile tea
into your pregnancy diet always discuss the potential side effects and
benefits of this with your physician before using chamomile tea.

So next time you reach for the wine, the cheese or the keys to take yourself
to hot yoga, reach for your chamomile plant instead. It might not be as
smooth, creamy or energetic but your eye-lids will thank you for it.

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