Flying While Pregnant – 6 Tips to Stay Safe and Comfortable

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Hello air borne adventurer,

You’ve just found out your pregnant so there’s no better time to fit in a baby moon for quality time with your partner before your bundle of joy arrives. If you’ve decide to take your adventure to the skies, here are a few tips to keep you comfortable, sane and happy while flying while pregnant.

1 Tell the check in staff you’re pregnant and politely ask if there’s a great seat they can recommend for you. This was a lifesaver when returning from Europe recently when both my husband and I had an entire row to ourselves.

2 Swollen ankles? No thank you! Purchasing a pair of compression socks is well worth the investment as women are more susceptible to blood clotting and circulation issues if flying while pregnant. They also come in handy if you ankles swell further into your pregnancy.

3 Get up and walk around the plane regularly. Not only will this help with your circulation but will keep you in a good head space; especially on long haul flights.

4 If you are travelling afar, look into taking the stop over options to break up your flight. Perhaps even consider spending a couple of nights along the way to make the trip more manageable. When returning from Europe recently I didn’t heed my own advice and realised the error of my ways when I began to become concerned about the return flight 3 days before it took place. Thankfully the check in staff tip worked a treat!

5 Take fresh food on the flights where possible. If you are travelling internationally, as long as you eat the food or dispose of it before arrival you’ll have no issues with customs. Fresh fruit mid flight is a life saver!

6 Become best friends with the air cabin crew. They are usually very friendly people and if they’re aware that you’re flying while pregnant, will keep an eye on you and make sure you have enough water, food and easy access to the bathroom!

If you’ve read my post, Travelling While Pregnant,  you’re probably aware you need to keep the following in mind while booking a flight:

Check with your Doctor if it’s safe for you to fly, especially if you’re going overseas. Also, different airlines have various policies based on the gestational age of your baby while flying so make sure you’re permitted to fly before booking.

Don’t let the fact that you’re pregnant put you off from going abroad. Ensuring you’re well thought out and organised will guarantee a fabulous trip in what is a special time for you, your partner and bub as well.

For further tips and advise on flying while pregnant check out the information provided by the Victoria State Government here.

We’d love to hear your flying while pregnant tips for happy pregnancy travels in the comments below.

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