Finding the Perfect Organic Baby Mattress in Australia

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Today, baby mattresses are manufactured using an abundant variety of fibres and fillings. In a world where we are presented with so much choice, sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to select the best baby mattress for your child. As always, natural and organic materials are the safest option and luckily here in Australia, we have plenty of choice.

Ensuring your child sleeps on a natural and organic mattress is one of the best ways to implement a healthy lifestyle. Considering we spend at least 1/3 of our lives asleep1, its important to opt for non-toxic mattress fibres. Many mattresses today are sprayed with fire retardant chemicals that have been attributed to causing “allergies, asthma, fertility problems/hormone imbalance and even autism in sensitive individuals”2. Natural fibres are also generally more breathable than synthetic ones therefore increasing the safety of your child, particularly as a young baby when the risk of SIDS3is most significant.

Here are some of the Australian suppliers of natural and organic baby mattresses:

The Natural Bedding Company (

The Natural Bedding Company are based in Sydney and make mattresses “constructed using natural materials; cotton, wool, naturally rubberised coconut fibre (coir), and natural latex.”4 They ship countrywide and make to order bassinet and cot mattresses to ensure the perfect fit for your little one.

Blessed Earth (

Blessed Earth specialise in organic products, and in particular manufacture hand-made organic wool mattresses for children and adults. They ship Australia-wide and all packaging is 100% recyclable.

Nido Organics (

Nido Organics was created by a mummy out of the desire to source beautiful, natural bedding for her own child. Identifying a gap in the current market, thus Nido Organics was born. Stocking a beautiful range of affordable, organic mattresses and bedding, Nido ship Australia-wide.

Tetra (

Tetra manufacture baby mattresses “filled with natural Tea Tree flakes and helps you create a chemical-free sleeping environment for your child. We hand-make every Tetra baby mattress so you can find one to perfectly fit every cot, basket, bassinet or cradle on the market”5. Check out their website to view the full range.

Organature (

Organature pride themselves on manufacturing “100% Certified Organic Cotton fabrics and filling” and also claim to be “the only genuine *Organic Cotton Innerspring Mattress manufactured in Australia.”6

There are a great selection of organic baby mattresses on the market in Australia, and the benefits of selecting natural fibres are endless. As time goes on, more and more research is being concluded about the benefits of natural bedding, but there’s no doubt the safest choice is to commence with organic bedding from birth.

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