Bio-Dynamic Farming – Growing our Calendula with love and care

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“Biodynamic farming is a regenerative agriculture, holistic in approach and practice, through which the farmer and gardener bring the substances and forces of nature into high quality sustainable production”1.

Growing Calendula for your Calming Calendula Nappy and Baby Cream.

Simply put, biodynamic farming is more than just organic farming, although they share many similarities. Both are based on the use of natural, composted materials and manures to restore health and balance to the soil without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. It also incorporates use of Preparation 500, which balances the soil and enables the correct plant expression, a sign of health and vitality.

But biodynamic farming principles go one step further and integrate planting cycles with a calendar that takes into account the movements and rhythms of the sun, moon and stars.
We often take for granted the influence of the sun and moon on our daily lives and routines. But these astronomical bodies also exert influence over the ebb and flow of all fluids, including those in our own bodies, as well as those in animals, plants and soils. By working with these rhythms, biodynamic farmers are able to take greater advantage of natural growth cycles, improve yield and prolong the use of arable land.

In Australia, the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute in Powelltown, Victoria, validates and certifies the stringent standards of biodynamic farming principles under the Demeter label. “The Australian Demeter symbol indicates produce has been grown using environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, biological methods to activate and nurture the life of the soil, plants and animals… without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or the use of any unnecessary additives.”<sup>2</sup>

The Benefits of Biodynamic Farming

It goes without saying that crops produced biodynamically are going to be healthier and safer than those produced using traditional agricultural methods. The elimination of harmful chemicals from the farming process means potential pollution of soils and waterways is reduced. Our bodies also benefit by not having to suffer the effects of these heavy chemicals. While the evidence is mostly empirical in these relatively early days, there are indications that biodynamic crops are tastier and higher in nutrient content than their traditionally farmed counterparts. But there are other advantages.

The big factor that underpins all biodynamic principles is harmony. Biodynamic agriculture considers the whole ecological environment and respects all life within it. It works in harmony to heal the environment and protect it from habitat degradation. Because the farmer is working in harmony with nature and not against it, it is believed that biodynamic crops are better able to withstand challenges presented by the environment.

Biodynamically-grown calendula

Certified Organic Calming Calendula Baby Cream by KoalaBubs

KoalaBubs is dedicated to providing you and your family with safe organic and environmentally friendly products. So naturally, ingredients obtained from local Australian biodynamic farms are top of our list when it comes to sourcing our products.

In this unyielding search for Australian-made baby products, KoalaBubs has tracked down a source of biodynamically-grown calendula right here in sunny Queensland. Lise Racine, aka "The Herbal Gardener", uses Demeter-certified biodynamic farming methods on her family farm to produce Calming Calendula Baby Cream especially for us. Lise is also actively involved in the design of the new Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic website.

In order to keep her carbon footprint small, Lise prefers her ingredients to come from other certified Australian producers. Working from seed to seed, only the finest specimens of calendula flower are used to produce calendula oil over an eight- to ten-week cold infusion processing period. She then combines this with other ingredients, including Australian Demeter-certified biodynamic olive oil and certified organic beeswax to produce our luscious Calming Calendula Baby Cream, so soft and gentle on tender skin from top to bottom to toes.

Use of our calendula based cream not only soothes and restores, but also acts as a protective shield against moisture that causes irritation and nappy rashes. You can rest easy knowing there are no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Plus, you are part of the solution to the global effects of our modern farming practices.





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