Baby Shower Food Ideas: 5 Ways to Host a Healthy Baby Shower

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Yummy Baby Shower Food Ideas for the Health Conscious Mummy

What better way to celebrate a mummy-to-be than throw a baby shower that has a truly healthy focus. Often these events are associated with truckloads of sugar because one of the most popular features of a baby shower is often the snacks, canapés and cake! What are some ways to incorporate a more natural approach to a baby shower that meets the needs of a health conscious mummy-to-be and her guests? Here are five delicious and healthy baby shower food ideas:

1. Juicy Mocktails

Enjoy trawling your local farmers markets to collect freshly grown fruit and vegetables, then use these as the primary ingredients when whipping up a celebratory cocktail or two. Use pink and red ingredients such as beetroot, watermelon or pomegranate to celebrate a girl or blue ingredients such as blueberries or blackcurrants if the celebration is for a boy.

2. “She’s About to Pop” Popcorn Favours

It’s a thoughtful gesture to thank your attendees for their participation by sending them home with a gift. For a super healthy option, have fun popping pop-corn and placing it into glass jars. Drizzle a small amount of natural sweetener such as honey or maple syrup over the top, tie pretty coloured ribbon around the belly of the jar and place a label on each one that says “She’s About to Pop – thanks for coming”.

3. Tea for Two

Another creative baby shower food idea to incorporate the mummy and baby theme into a healthy party is to create a herbal tea table. Decorate it with a large sign in honour of the mother and baby that says “Tea for Two”, and invite people to sample various herbal teas whist they nibble on some of your other naturally tasty treats. This really is the healthy equivalent to an afternoon with coffee and cake! (Read more about caffeine free herbal tea during pregnancy here).

4. Organic Chocolate Dipped Fruit Slices

This is one of our all time favourite baby shower food ideas and it is super easy to pull together. They’ll look as fantastic on your display as they’ll taste in your mouth! Simply melt the natural chocolate of your choice, such as that with a high percentage of cocoa, and dip the slices of your fruit of choice into the melted chocolate1. Mandarine and orange slices work really well. Sprinkle a little sea salt on each slice post-dip, and the biggest problem you’ll face is trying to not to devour them before your guests arrive!

5. Raw Treats

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little bit of sweetness every now and then but when it comes to the treats on offer at your baby shower, consider selecting natural alternatives to the usual refined sugar laden muffins and cakes. There are plenty of raw cake and muffin recipes available online today and guests will delight in tasting your unique and natural creations. This website has a wonderful selection of raw and vegan options that may suit your shower down to a tee:

With a pinch of love, a spoonful of honey and a whole lot of love, hopefully you’ll soon enjoy whipping up some naturally delicious goodies for your next health-conscious baby shower.

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