Back to (Natural) Basics: Finding the Perfect Gifts for Newborns

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Newborns are very sensitive to the unfamiliar, extra-uterine environment. They experience new noises, colours, temperatures and smells. New babies are getting used to feeding and digesting; being held, touched, kissed and moved around; wearing clothes; getting their nappies changed; and being cleaned. Instinctually, parents gain special awareness for the natural needs of their new, pure baby and do their best to keep their precious child away from toxic materials. That way, the baby’s tiny, sensitive body is not threatened by detoxifying, nasty and harmful substances.

This makes finding a special and precious gift for the newborn baby very easy. Most mums and dads appreciate thoughtful, good-quality, natural and organic gifts from family and friends.

Here are some of my favourite newborn gift ideas:

1 Baby blankets (choose natural and organic fibres)

A beautiful, soft baby blanket is one special gift that new mums, as well as their babies, will love deeply. A snugly baby blanket will come in handy and can be used to cover the baby in the pram, car, bouncer or whilst sleeping in his or her bed, cot or bassinet. The baby can also lay, sit, roll or crawl and play cosily on the baby blanket when out and about.

Aside from being a practical newborn essential, a precious baby blanket is comfy, cuddly and appealing. Your high-quality organic baby blanket will be a favorite and taken along everywhere!

You can often find a special Australian-made organic blankets on !

2 Organic cotton/ natural fibre soft toy

These are cute to hold onto, chew on, snuggle into and play with. There are many lovely soft toys available, made from organic and toxin-free materials and dyes. Babies love sleeping with and chewing on their soft toys, so keep your bubba safe and choose organic!  A good-quality organic teddy bear, bunny or doll will be baby’s best buddy for many years to come.

Maud n Lil – Organic Soft Toys


Maud n Lil -based in South Melbourne, this company produces lovely Aussie-designed organic soft toys. Maud n Lil is run by Manda Epton and Vicki Hilcke, two amazing ladies who care about the environment and people’s working conditions. Their toys are produced in ICTI factories—meaning no child labour, the highest safety standards and properly-paid workers in good working conditions.

3 Wooden toys

Okay, a newborn’s little hands are not made for tough, wooden toys. But created from natural material, they are pretty to look at and can decorate the nursery until the baby is old enough to actually play with them! Shop around at local craft markets to find handmade, wooden pull-along trains, rattles or teething rings.

Australian-made wooden toys are rare. Byrne Woodwared is based in Canberra and offers wonderful natural wooden products, Australian-designed and (hand) made.

4 Organic or natural fibre cot and bassinet sheets

New babies spend a lot of time sleeping in their beds, cots or bassinets. Mums will love the thought of having their babies within the comfort of soft and safe bedding. These sheets and covers are natural and organic, free of toxins and other nasty materials!

Maleny (QLD) based Blessed Earth offers Australian-designed, GOTS-certified organic cotton cot sheet and quilt cover sets.

5 Natural fibre mattress

If you are happy to spend a bit more money for a newborn gift, while also choosing something great for the baby’s health and sleep, look into getting a mattress made from organic or natural material (latex, wool, hemp, cotton) for his or her cot or bassinet. Make sure you let the parents know about your plans to gift a baby mattress so that they don’t end up with a spare!

Handmade Australian natural latex mattresses by The Natural Bedding Company are my absolute favorite! Their high-quality Wool and Coir Cot and Bassinet Mattresses are made with no glue and no toxic chemicals. 

6 Organic baby clothes (beanies, onesies, etc.)

Yes, newborn babies will grow out of their tiny clothes quickly. And new mums will be given so much newborn clothes that they’ll struggle to use all of them. But rest assured that the gift of a soft, organic cotton onesie, romper or beanie will be a much loved. It will definitely be a favourite for the first few weeks and months!

Check out Blessed Earth’s range of certified organic cotton baby and newborn clothes here,

7 Organic or natural fibre sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are a cute, safe and handy option for newborn babies. Choose one that suits the climate: organic muslin, cotton, bamboo, or even a wool blend. There is always a lovely, natural option available.


8 Mp3 player with baby music playlist

An electronic device might not match your romantic idea of a great newborn gift, but the effort and time you spend in searching, selecting and play-listing soothing or entertaining baby music will be appreciated by new parents.

9 Cloth nappies

These are eco-friendly, cute, and soft on the baby’s skin! Many cloth nappies are made from organic and natural fibres, such as organic cotton and bamboo. Check with the new mum to find out which brand she prefers, as there are so many different styles and brands out there designed by some great Aussie labels!

Use your friend Google to find Australian cloth nappy brands. Most MCNs (Modern Cloth Nappies) contain a certain amount of polyester. To go 100% natural and organic, you will have to choose traditional terry flats such as Nature’s Child Luxury Towelling Nappies or one of BabyBeeHind’s Fitted Nappies, made of bamboo or hemp. Handmade Australian organic cloth nappies can often be found on!

10 Cleaning lady voucher

A voucher for some prepaid cleaning hours should only be considered if you are a close friend of the mother’s; otherwise, this well-meant special gift could backfire! However, what you are truly offering is not just a clean house. You endow a comfortable environment for the new family, some peace of mind for the mother, and some extra relaxing time allocated to get to know the newest family addition!


It is such a wonderful thing to present a gift to both a newborn baby and new parents. It is a way to welcome a new being Earth-side, to share in that love and happiness with the whole family. Choose something that comes from your heart, and the parents will surely acknowledge your wonderful intentions!

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